TweakNow RegCleaner Standard 3.0

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TweakNow RegCleaner Standard 3.0

Free TweakNow RegCleaner 2011 quickly scan your registry to find obsolete entries
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With a really nice interface you use this application as you were browsing the Internet. Pretty simple to understand and easy to put in action, the TweakNow RegCleaner is the tool that people from TweakNow offer you to clean up your Windows registry. It comes in two versions: Standard, wich we will be commenting here, and Professional.
For those who know the TweakNow PowerPack, the suite of applications for tunning-up Windows from the same vendor, the RegCleaner is the same tool included in that suite for that purpose.
A big and nice button reading "Clean Now" is the first you will see when you launch the program. And if you want to keep things easy, is all you have to do, push the button the the RegCleaner is working. But, if you want to know something else about this tool, you can choose between "Quick Scan" and "Custom" in the Scan Mode section below, and between "Beginner" and "Expert" in the User Mode section.
Also, you can edit the Custom scan mode by pressing the "Edit custom mode" button on a side. A windows will pop-up and you will be able to choose, one by one, the registry sections you want to include and exclude of the scanning process (check all and uncheck all options available)
The results of the scanning process are presented in three categories: Safe to delete, Not fully safe to delete and Unknown. If you don't know what to do, the suggestion would be to only fix the errors listed under the Safe to delete category. You will be able to see a Results Report, listing errors in this very categories and deciding one by one what to do according to your decisions. Besides, you will see the "Add into Exclusion List" button so as you go checking the items on the list, you can exclude entries that you don't want to be scanned again. In the beginner user mode you won't have acces to this report.

A remarkable feature of this application is tha automatically creates backup copies so if you encounter problems after the cleaning process, you will be able to restore the backups and solve them. This you can do by pushing the Restore Now button on the main window.

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  • Easy-to-use
  • Free
  • Automatic back up and restore option


  • Only English supported
  • Scheduled scan not supported
  • Fewer scan modes than pro edition


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